STICKS AND STONES is a live solo performance using materials from CURSES, an ongoing sound project utilising vocals and field recordings to explore the similarities and synergies between sacred texts of various religious disciplines which are typically considered unrelated, yet which owe one another’s existence to each other. The texts used, which are from the Bible and various Christian writings and sermons, the Torah, and Satanic Texts, variously in German, Latin, Enochian, Estonian and English, all celebrate an impossible miracle and/or invoke a catastrophic event of absolute destruction in the name of whichever god is favored by the texts.

STICKS AND STONES is a seance magick experiment solo performance, in which various gods, deities, and entities are called upon to create miracles, similar to those which they are used to performing for those who worship them. It will be interesting to see which deities cancel each other out, or which are better at performing miracles, or which miracles take precedence over others. All deities are invited to work out amongst themselves which enemies they will smite or rather reward with riches, virgins, or finding their true soulmate as a result of their participation.

Audiences can expect to leave with heightened kundalini energy and will possibly receive actual loaves and fishes at some point over the course of the performance. Tin foil hats will be offered free of charge to those desiring to wear one.

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