Installation of 6 sculptures during a performance at Heimathafen Neukölln “ARBEITEN KANNSTE SELBER” with Solistenensemble PHØNIX16 featuring performance duo Timo Kreuser and Guillaume Cailleau, with works by Kreuser/Cailleau, Vinko Globokar, Olga Neuwirth, and Luigi Nono.

The cats are modified Maneki-neko “lucky waving cats”, which are often seen in Chinese or Japanese businesses to help bring in, for example, more customers and more money. These cats depict characters real and fictional that are usually considered either distinctly Evil or Good, but which could, depending on context, also be considered the opposite.

Materials: Plastic, polymer clay, acrylic paint. The cats waved their arms during the performance and some were fitted with mics to pick up the faint sound of the waving mechanism, which was audible during the performance. More photos of the installation to come.

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